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Hey Canada, Come and Take It

Fly the flag #ForAmerica

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Do you remember the Alamo? You're god damn right you do. Do you think Canada ever does?

Think about it, when has Canada ever had to face long odds and overwhelming numbers with nothing more than a strong conviction of Victory or Death?

Never that's when, because here in America we're all about rising to the occasion and telling the world to f#@$ off even when the odds are against us.

Do you think the 1980 US Olympic team remembers the Alamo? You're god damn right they do.

Canada may claim hockey is "their game" but the United States of America is here to say if you want hockey glory you're going to have to come and take it.

So what I'm here to ask is that you fly that flag all in the name of a good, American, cause. I created this shirt, with the help of Ann Fraizer the wonderful lady who brought you the Sleeping Giant shirts and am hoping to get them printed and sold with all proceeds going to Operation Comfort and the Wounded Warrior Project.

This originally started as a hockey shirt for San Antonio, and it still is (ask me about American Hero Vincent Trochek if you're interested) but the design is universally American enough for the masses and I really want your help to get this out there.

Operation Comfort helps wounded vets across the country re-adjust to life as well as getting them back into sports. Op Comfort has major ties to the US Sled Hockey team who are on their way to Sochi for the Paralympics next month. Guys like Rico Roman, Josh Sweeney, Jen Lee and the Rampage Sled Hockey team based out of San Antonio got their start through Operation Comfort. They along with the Wounded Warrior project give vets the help and thanks they need.

So buy a shirt, wear it proud, and let the world know America doesn't go out without a fight.