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Tuesday Morning Skate: We Really Brought Shuster Again?

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

It's real obnoxious how bad the USA is at Curling. It's a sweet sport, and certainly there are enough curling rinks around that we could have a decent-to-good team, but nope. As I write this, the Americans have lost to the Chinese, 4-9. John Shuster is skipping the good ship Curling USA to an all-defeated year, so far (0-2, but still). We've seen this play out already. You can write off men's curling in the USA already.

The women's US curling team is suffering a similar fate. They are also 0-2. The setup of both the men's and women's curling tournaments is:

All teams play each other in round robin, then the 4 teams at the top of the standings play semifinals and finals.

So if both teams are down 0-2, and have 7 games left to play...well, there's a chance. But it's going to take some serious doing against some really good teams to get there. No team that's played a USA curling team has lost a game yet, though, so maybe we're getting the powerhouses out of the way early? Heh, I wish.

Anyways, what's on tap, y'all?