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Guess the first Bruins goal scorer in Sochi, win a cool prize from Oxford Pennant!

Time for a chowder contest!

Oxford Pennant

Isn't that photo above cool? It's a pennant designed by Oxford Pennant, a Buffalo-based company that makes cool retro-looking pennants to hang with your other sweet sports stuff in your sports cave of choice.

And you can win one starting today - all you have to do is correctly guess the first Bruin to score in Sochi! Guesses can be made up to and until the first Bruin scores.

To enter:

Step 1: "like" Cup of Chowder on facebook (since that's where we'll announce the winner).

Step 2: follow @oxfordpennant on twitter. They're nice people, they've got other neat Boston stuff on their site, check it out.

Step 3: Tweet your Bruin of choice at @cupofchowdah and @oxfordpennant with the hashtag #SochiBruins!

BONUS: If you guess Tuukka Rask and you're right, Oxford will send you TWO pennants, because they're great.

A bit more about Oxford - You can find their stuff at Trident Booksellers on Newbury, which is also a great breakfast/brunch spot - and also Sault in the South End and Davis Squared in Somerville.  The "Woo" pennant is an online exclusive, though, so enter soon...