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Wednesday Morning Skate: Buckle Up

Allsport/Getty Images

Good Morning, everyone. The trade deadline is a week away (Wednesday, March 5, 3pm!) and we've got some time to worry about it. So, a quick ground rule for trade rumors posted here on Cup o' Chowdah:

  • Thanks to team owner Jeremy Jacobs, we now have a salary cap in the NHL. Trade suggestions have to work out salary-wise. Luckily, Capgeek has an armchair GM tool that will allow you to test this out.
  • If rule 1 is broken, it better be funny.

If you can't manage to get into either category, please refrain from posting a stupid fucking trade rumor that is just bullshit noise. I wish I could make rules like this for the whole internet, but here we are.

Happy Race Day, IGPers! With 2 races to go, the chowder regulars I recognize on there in the rookie division are still outside of a promotion spot, and I'm far in last place for the pros. Caron Concurrance looks like he's going to take the Pro circuit championship, but bob and ziggy might have other plans. Circuit ends this week, so if anyone wants in on next season (starting next week, probably), then join in.

Bruins hockey tonight! Against buffalo...oh. Well. The Bruins will be playing, anyhow.

What's on tap, y'all?