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Season Ticket Holder Freakout Station (With Survey!)

Okay I'll let them win one cup and then we'll really see who's worth what
Okay I'll let them win one cup and then we'll really see who's worth what
Bruce Bennett

By now you've heard about the massive price gouge going on for Bruins Season Ticket Holders this season. I decided I'd take a look at it a little closer. One thing that threw off percentage calculations is this:

Yep, 44 games. In an 82 game season, you've got 41 real home games. In the past, the NHL has shoved a 2-piece shit sandwich of full price preseason games down all season ticket holder's throats. Now it's a club sandwich, which is fitting considering you'll need to be the sort who eats at country clubs regularly to afford it soon.

Fuck you, Jeremy Jacobs, you money-grubbing shitstain upon the planet.

So, I've been keeping track of prices for as long as I've been a season ticket holder, starting in 2008-09. I sit halfway up section 307, in the 2-8(?) price range. It's on the end. There are maybe 2-3 sections in the whole place with cheaper seating. Here's what I've been paying, and how much of a hike it's been year-to-year, along with every 2 years and 3 years (as the lockout and the shitty economy in 2009 both led to ticket prices staying the same). Here's a table:

Year Price Hike Hike% 2yr hike 2yr% 3yr 3yr% 4yr 4yr% 5yr 5yr% 6yr 6yr%
2008-09 $24.00
2009-10 $28.00 $4.00 16.67%
2010-11 $28.00 $0.00 0.00% $4.00 16.67%
2011-12 $35.00 $7.00 25.00% $7.00 25.00% $11.00 45.83%
2013 $40.00 $5.00 14.29% $12.00 42.86% $12.00 42.86% $16.00 66.67%
2013-14 $40.00 $0.00 0.00% $5.00 14.29% $12.00 42.86% $12.00 42.86% $16.00 66.67%
2014-15 $50.00 $10.00 25.00% $10.00 25.00% $15.00 42.86% $22.00 78.57% $22.00 78.57% $26.00 108.33%

Yeah, the last column is silly but yeah, my per-seat price has more than doubled since the days of a young Phil Kessel getting benched in the playoffs and PJ Axelsson not being offered a contract anymore. That 42ish% every 3 years is pretty consistent, though. Let's extend that out and see what it brings us:

  • 2015-16: $57.44
  • 2016-17: $74.88
  • 2017-18: $96.68
  • 2018-19: $121.73
  • 2019-20: $154.38
  • 2020-21: $196.53 (!!!)

Yowza. No word on whether they'll have parking for my personal airship when they're charging 200 bucks to get into the balcony. (Note: No, I don't think they'll go up forever.)

Per a Bruins press release, the new prices per game are:

Loge Seat: $88-$145 per game
Balcony Seat: $45-$98 per game

Fellow season ticket holders, I'm curious about what your prices have done. Please fill out this google form so we can get a handle on what our readers' prices are doing:

Thanks for your help.