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Thursday Morning Skate: Face to Face

Rick Stewart

Good morning, everybody!

Hi, Doctor Nick!

Its a good thing I've got all this practice recently with putting games behind me because that one Ted Nolan looks like a Jack Adams candidate based on the last 3 weeks. All together now:


Ah well, its all bitterness until we beat the Zyrtec All-Stars on Saturday. Or maybe the Bruins will never win again. I hope that's not the case but I also hoped season ticket prices wouldn't go through the roof. Heh. Sigh...

If you are a season ticket holder and haven't filled out our quick survey, please do - it won't take long!

What's on ta-

Oh yeah, one more thing.

SAVE THE DATE: We're probably going to do a game watch party for the March 12 game vs Montreal. Its a Wednesday. Cancel your other plans and claim Thursday the 13th is a religious holiday and you need to be out of work.

What's on tap, y'all?