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Tuukka Rask's Olympic Mask is metal as hell

NESN aired photos of Rask's Olympic mask today, and it's excellent.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Tuukka Rask, as we have written before, is pretty steadfast when it comes to his hockey masks. The formula seems to be this:

  • Angry critter on the head
  • ...clutching the logos of the team he's playing for on the sides of the mask
  • Some sort of glittery tag-text on the chin
  • Finnish flag on the backplate
He hasn't deviated far from this formula for his Olympic mask, either. This iteration was, as usual, created by Pro's Choice, like all his other masks, and painted by Boston-based artist Jesse's custom designs.

The top:

The sides (note "Suomi" in death metal font on the chin)

And the backplate, which is just as metal as they come.

The chinplate:

This thing looks incredibly sharp, and will go really well with the blue and white Finland jerseys. The lion pays homage to Finland's coat of arms while still giving Rask the angry head-beast he always dons during Bruins games.

What do you think of the mask?