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Tuesday Morning Skate: Get Well Soon Rich Peverley

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Bruce Bennett

As I'm sure many of you are already aware, last night Rich Peverley collapsed on the bench during the since-postponed Columbus-Dallas game. The team's medical staff had to use a defibrillator to revive him, but as of last night he's stable in a nearby hospital. Raptor Jesus missed the preseason with a heart condition and Dr. Salazar confirmed that Pevs had a "Cardiac Event." Seriously scary stuff. Good work to all of the medical staff involved and anyone else who helped out.

It must have been terrifying to be there.

Get well soon, Rich!

Oh, and just because I saw this bullshit going on on twitter last night: if your first instinct is to turn this into some dick-waiving contest between sports, go do it somewhere else.

Reminder to come watch the bruins-habs game tomorrow at the Fours.

What's on tap, y'all?