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CharaShop: And the winner is...

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After hundreds of votes, we've got a winner in our CharaShop contest.

"Thanks for voting for me, Chad."
"Thanks for voting for me, Chad."
Joel Auerbach

After over a hundred Facebook shares, tons of Tweets, and nearly 600 votes, we've got a winner in the CharaShop contest, and it was a close race.

With 28% of the vote, our winner is...


...CD DiGuardia's picture of Chara desperately reaching for his lightsaber in an attempt to avoid being wampa food.

Coming in second place, just a couple dozen votes behind, is...


...Kevin's take on Chara presenting the new king of the African savanna.

Congratulations to the winners, and thanks to all who voted! It was a close race, but our two winners were the top of the heap.

Digger21 will receive a Bruins-themed Beast from the Northeast shirt of his choice, while dj_honky will get a VERY METAL Tuukka Rask sticker.

For those interested in seeing how everyone else did, here are the final standings:


Winners, please make sure you're following Beast from the Northeast on Twitter. He asks that you DM him for more information on collecting your prize.

Matryoshka Chara thanks you for voting in his contest.