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Friday Morning Skate: P(a)i(lle) day!

Happy Pi day, or as some prefer around here, Daniel Paille day!

I hope you're all having pie and whatnot. Or, I guess, Paella. I dunno. Work with me, here.

Thing I though of last night, watching the game:

If more playing time has given Bartkowski the confidence to be a -1 in a 4-1 game (that he registered a point in!) and take moronic boarding penalties, imagine what it could do for a guy with talent!

Anyways. The F1 season is upon us. Sarah set up a predictor league for it. If you'd like to join, a link will be forthcoming when I'm off the train. Red Bull dropped a person from 26 miles above the earth and they landed on their feet so I'm rooting for them and their delicious energy drink (the sugar free one).

If you'd rather we stick to hockey, vote for ButtGoal and post your favorite Paille gif/picture/memory/video!

What's on tap, y'all?