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In Tribute: Recreating the old "Zorak's NHL Standings And Magic Numbers" page

This is not! The greatest NHL Standings and Magic Number Site in the wo-o-o-orld! No! This is just a tribute.

Sean Rudyk

Once upon a time, up until a year or two ago, there was a site called "Zorak's NHL Standings And Magic Numbers." It no longer exists, but it basically was an all-text page that not only had the current NHL standings, but also every Magic Number. It's been around a long time. James Mirtle wrote about it way back in 2005. Unfortunately, the creator got fed up with having to re-configure the scraping every year and stopped updating it. It's now no longer even there in un-updated format. We all mourn it's loss.

Until today.

Using Google Spreadsheets, I've made a tribute. Here's an embed:

A quick legend:

  • The numbers on the right are each team's "Magic Number" over the team at the top of the column. The teams in the immediate division are listed first, followed by the teams in the other division in the conference. I don't compare the two conferences but I might eventually.
  • Green means the team on the left is mathematically guaranteed to finish ahead of the team above.
  • Red means that, in order to finish above the team above, the team will need help.
  • This should re-sort based on standings, and update daily.

If you have any questions, please let me know so I can try to fix them. Here's the standalone link again: