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7th Annual Cuts for a Cause Bidding Now Open: Rask, Marchand, Eriksson too pretty to participate

Milan Lucic will eat your soul, hair or no hair.
Milan Lucic will eat your soul, hair or no hair.
Sarah Connors

The Boston Bruins annual charity event orchestrated by Shawn Thornton, Cuts for a Cause, will include the entire team minus just three players this year.

This is the seventh year of Cuts for a Cause. 21 players, not including Shawn Thornton (who you can't bid on, as he has his head shaved by a kid from the Children's Hospital every year), are participating this year. Last year was a record-high 18 players where they also raised an all-time high of $76,000. The money goes towards pediatric cancer care.

The three players not participating this year are Tuukka Rask, Brad Marchand, and Loui Eriksson. I would seriously like to know their reasoning because even bald Jarome Iginla is participating. I assume they will just shave his facial hair like they did to bald Steve Begin back in 2010.

In the most recent episode of Behind the B, Tuukka Rask brushed off participation and said he would instead donate $5,000. Tuukka has participated in pretty much every Cuts for a Cause in the last handful of years, so it's disappointing that he no longer wants to take part.

Brad Marchand claimed he couldn't participate in the most recent Behind the B because his hair makes him too attractive. Someone should probably alert Brad Marchand that he isnt attractive and his current haircut actually makes him even uglier. But hey, if he doesn't want to risk going from his current status as a "12" all the way down to a "9" then he better be donating $5,000. Seriously, what a knob job.

I don't know why Loui Eriksson isn't participating but I can only guess that it's because his hair is too glorious and he doesn't want us to know the secrets to his luscious locks.

Carl Soderberg also said he would rather donate $5,000 over having his head shaved for the event in Behind the B, but he is, in fact, participating. You can bid on him or any of the other 20 Bruins having their heads shaved for charity here.

More information about attending the event can be found here. VIP tickets are sold out, so you'll have to settle for general admission tickets, which cost $30. Since the event has grown exponentially in the past several years, good luck enjoying it from the back of a crowded room.

The 7th Annual Cuts for a Cause takes place on Wednesday, March 26th at the Boston Park Plaza Hotel from 3:30 pm until 5:30 pm.

So, if you could shave one Bruin's head, which would it be? How much would you donate to charity for it?