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Report: Bruins Season ticket holders get 26th-best perks in League, still better than Montreal

Ahahahaha suck it Montreal
Ahahahaha suck it Montreal
Phillip MacCallum

Earlier today, the fine folks (for Sens fans, anyways) over at Silver Seven Sens posted a comparison of all season ticket holder benefits across the league. The Bruins, surprisingly, finished all the way up at 26th out of 30. I know, I know, that seems high...but then you've gotta look at who came in below that.

27. Montreal Canadiens: The Canadiens offer the chance to skate on the arena ice at the end of the season.

The Canadiens' season ticket sales team probably is just one guy answering the phone and taking deposits for people's kids to eventually get tickets. There was probably a time when they didn't sell out, but Maurice Richard was probably a child at the time. If that. It's not a big surprise. Still, gotta love beating Montreal!

28. Winnipeg Jets: The Jets offer minimal perks, but do have a rewards program.

They went from 0 season ticket holders to a full stadium packed up for 3 years (many seats were committed to for 5 years). Plus, what the hell else are you gonna do in Winnipeg - watch the Blue Bombers? In 10 years when they realize they're the Thrashers with louder fans they might have to kick these up.

29. New York Rangers: The Rangers have very few perks, many which are tailored for kids.

"Being miserable and treating other people like dirt is every New Yorker's God-given right." - The Mayor, Ghostbusters 2. Obviously, the Rangers have taken this to heart.

30. New York Islanders: The Islanders actually offer better perks to those who buy smaller ticket packages than those who get full season tickets.

Talk about a slap in the face. I bet this changes when they move to Brooklyn, but only in that package holders get fewer perks.

I don't have the heart or space or desire to steal a whole article (that a lot of work obviously went into) to go into which teams are doing it better than the Bruins, and how they are, so go check out the article on Silver Seven Sens. (They have CHARTS!)