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Monday Morning Skate: Montreal

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Goooood morning, Chowdaheads! We're still rolling and tonight we host Montreal. Here's hoping for Doug Murray Ice Time Leader tonight. A few notes:

  • Buy a Play Like Carl t-shirt and be cooler than your dorky real-life friends. Androxin made the design, and it looks fresh as heck.
  • If you haven't already, pledge and donate to the Defending Big D charity drive in honor of Rich Peverley. They're buying an AED to be placed at a rink kids play at. It could save a life like it did for Rich. What would Raptor Jesus do? (successfully handle heart surgery, apparently. Hurray!)
  • Eyes on the Prize has a radio show now on sunday mid-days. Yesterday they had Steve Dangle on to talk about how cool a Habs/Leafs playoff series would be, but just ended up talking about how big of jerks the Bruins are.

Anyways, happy race day IGPers.

What's on tap, y'all?