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Future 30 goal scorer Jarome Iginla is the NHL's third star of the week!

Hey there Iginla what's it like to be the third star

Jarome Iginla is sitting pretty with 28 goals on the season, and today he was announced as the NHL's third star of the week.

Somehow, with as good as the Bruins have been this year, it's only the second time this season a Bruin has been named a star of the week, the first time also being Iginla back in the first week of February.

Iggy had five goals in three games last week - two against the Wild and the Coyotes, and one against Martin Brodeur and the Devils. He also hit the 1300 game mark, and currently leads the Bruins in goals. He's second in points and third in assists. Can we keep him forever, Chiarelli?

Gustav Nyquist and Henrik Lundqvist were the other two stars, because I guess scoring 20 goals in two months is a big deal or something and whoever picked these must just love Swedish goalies for some reason.