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'Don't poke the bear' and other silly hockey metaphors

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On Monday, Lucic told the Habs "you just woke the beast." What other silly hockey metaphors can we come up with?

During Monday's game against the Montreal Canadiens, Milan Lucic was quoted on NBCSN as having said "you just woke up the beast" after this hip check delivered by Alexei Emelin (and the subsequent reaction of captain Zdeno Chara).

It reminded me of the trusty old "don't poke the bear" metaphor that's invoked when the opposition delivers a hard hit or starts a scrum, becoming some sort of rallying cry for the Bruins as they go on to hulk up and do some damage on the scoreboard or otherwise.

[Or, in Lucic's case, quite literally poke back.]

It made me wonder if there are equivalent metaphors for the other 29 teams around the league. All I could come up with off the top of my head was "don't steal our eggs" for the Pittsburgh Penguins; you know, kind of like this:

As the playoffs approach, I thought it would be a good time to come up with a list of similar metaphors, certainly for those teams likely to appear in the postseason, but also for each team around the league.

I have a few ideas floating around in the old noodle, but am calling upon others to help me brainstorm so we can come up with the ultimate and definitive list of nonsensical and hyperbolic hockey metaphors to be used during the playoffs and into next season.

Oh, here's an idea for the Lightning: "you just raised your golf club in a thunderstorm."

Something like that. Now it's your turn.

Aaaaaaand GO!