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One Year Ago Today, Aaron Ward Reported

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Derek Leung

Yes, it was a year ago today that we had to suffer the second-worst part of the season to date. The first was, obviously, the guilt of having propped up terrible hockey-hating owner Jeremy Jacobs for long enough for him to go all warhawk on another fucking lockout. No I haven't forgotten.

The Bruins were playing Montreal. This is the box score. They lost in the shootout but nobody cared because by the second period there was enough buzz in the building about Iginla coming to Boston that they may as well have been putting tweets on the jumbotron.

And then TSN Analyst Aaron Ward reported that the Iginla to Boston deal was done.

It was real.

We were, understandably, excited.

I'm sure you all remember then, at about 2am, that the Penguins were very happy to announce that they had acquired Jarome Arthur-Leigh Adekunle Tig Junior Elvis Iginla from the Calgary Flames. While Days of Y'Orr were sleeping (and their website touted the trade for HOURS afterwards ahahahahaha) (seriously though, the mocking comes from a place of love), we had been planning out what the day would look like.  Here, for the first time in Public, are what your Stanley Cup of Chowder headlines would have been one year ago:

  • 6am: Early Morning Skate: Jarome Iginla, Boston Bruin.
  • 9am: We Got Jarome from the Dome, no where does he fit in the roster?
  • 10am: A Tribute: Jarome Iginla, Calgary Flame
  • 11am: Penguins make bad accountants. A look at the Pittsburgh capgeek page
  • Noon: Fresh Links: Iginla Iginla Iginla (nothing about last night's game. we're ignoring it.)
  • 1pm: Jarome Iginla and the quest for the Corsi: a #fancystats review
  • 3pm: OTBH: something something Jarome Iginla

But none of it happened, because we didn't get Iginla.

At the last minute, Feaster decided that the right thing to do was take the worse deal for his team. So Feaster.

Luckily, all was not lost. We've still got Matt Bartkowski. And we've still got Alexander Khokhlachev.

And we got Jaromir Jagr days later. It all worked out.