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Monday Morning Skate: A Win? You can have those?

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Paul Bereswill

Last night was the first time a hockey team I'm rooting for in a game won it, ever since I started rooting for finland halfway through the bronze medal game. Thanks especially to Gregory Campbell for upping his trade value. Let's hope Chiarelli can use this rather than getting wooed by it. ahahaha

haha...heh. ahem.

Anyways. Trade deadline is wednesday and we'll have coverage of that. I forgot to ask to have that day off so we'll see but it's always fun to watch the panels on NHL network hemming and hawing and trying to talk up minor league deals because they're the only ones that have happened so far. There could certainly be some movement, though. We'll see.

Happy beginning of season 3, IGPers! It's race day!

What's on tap, y'all?