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Tuesday Morning Skate: Home (For the Last Time?)

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Gregory Shamus

Tonight we have a chance to say, "fuck you, we're right."

Wait, no, that's a song lyric. What I meant to start with is:

Tonight might be the last night in Black and Gold for some players in our system. Chiarelli has been apparently looking at every player from here to hawaii to improve the team for a playoff run. Heck, last night Aaron Portzline, the Colombus Beat Reporter of Record, said the Bruins were scouting Marian Gaborik. I blacked out for a minute after reading that, but I came to watching this over and over and over and crying into my Minnesota Wild Gaborik shirtsey:

Never leave me again, Marian

Then riding a rollercoaster of "Aw man, Pavol Demitra RIP" and "Holy shit he tipped ANOTHER ONE out of mid-air." I was a mess. But that's the beauty of the day before the trade deadline. Everything is terrible and beautiful at the same time, and you're rooting for a bunch of all-stars on your team before they put on the sweater, if they ever do.

Not that I think that Gaborik is a likely acquisition or anything, but you never know. Even when Aaron Ward says the deal is confirmed done. Should be fun to watch tonight/tomorrow as a player stays out of warmups or practice just to freak out the media.

Anyways, what's on tap, y'all?