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Bruins Remove Caps, Win 3-0

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Well, that was a Hockey game!

Jared Wickerham

Extra Skater Stats

There's not a ton to say about this one, really. One team looked a lot like a team off a back-to-back, one sure as heck didn't look like they were playing their third game in four days, and the Bruins handled the Washington Capitals pretty easily at TD Garden, 3-0.

The Good:

  • Uh, the Bruins. The stats always tell the whole story, but the possession stats in the Extra Skater link come pretty close today. Give it a lot if you haven't.
  • Happy belated 96th, Milt Schmidt!
  • Good to see Loui Eriksson get on the board, even if some people seem confused as to "where that's been." Huh? Pretty sure Eriksson's been injured a couple times this year, switched linemates, and is still a good possession-driver. That's "where that's been."
  • Greg Campbell scored another goal, so it's official that his soul was traded to the Devils a couple weeks before the deadline.
  • Tuukka Rask did not allow a goal, which is known as a ______. Sorry, still in anti-jinx mode. It was a shutout.
  • Brad Marchand, somewhat surprisingly (he missed the empty net twice in a game I was at earlier this year), did manage to steer a puck into the empty net to make the game 3-0, after second period goals by Campbell and Eriksson. That gives Marchand his 21st of the year, still leading the Bruins.
  • Marchand-Bergeron-Smith absolutely dominated while on the ice.
  • Caps top line, like the rest of the Caps, stayed off the scoresheet. If you don't allow the #8/#19 combo to get on the board, chance are you played some good defense.
  • THE BRUINS DIDN'T TAKE A PENALTY! The second time hosting the Caps in a week proved to be the charm, as the Caps high-power man advantage never got a chance to take the ice.
  • Rask made what appeared to be a pretty nifty stick-save as Ovechkin tried to shoot on an open net. Rask rules.
  • Dougie Hamilton was also over 80% CF, and his puck-moving skills were on display today. Zdeno Chara was the only other Bruin on for more than 30 Corsi events For. Dougie's hair also looked terrific for the 46th game this season.

The Bad:

  • mean...bad things for the Bruins? In this game, nah.
  • Okay well, Marchand's hit to the back of Troy Brouwer is the kind of stuff that's a little over the line from "playing on the edge," and definitely should've been a penalty.
  • The Caps looked absolutely dead on a back-to-back. Honestly, it wasn't the most interesting viewing. I'm not going to shed a tear for them, but anytime NHL schedule makers want to reduce back-to-backs, particularly road ones, I'd give them a tip 'o the cap.
  • We actually had some players that were possession-negative in a game where the shot ratio was 3:1. (wristslap) But seriously, I'm not sure how Merlot managed that.
  • Kevan Miller did not have much of a game, for what that's worth.

The Interesting:

  • Despite the fact that the Bruins frequently looked gassed on tight schedule days earlier in the year, they looked fresh-legged in playing their third game in four days.
  • Tuukka Rask got his sixth shutout of the season. That leads the NHL. He only stopped 16 shots in doing so, while Bruins antagonist Braden Holtby had to stop 40 shots to keep the Caps from being blown out.
  • Andrej Meszaros wasn't in the line-up tonight, as he basically just joined the team, so the first time we'll see him on home ice won't be until next Thursday. That's a pretty delayed TD Garden welcome!

The Ugly:

  • Two fans were injured when a netting support behind the visitor's net. Hard to tell exactly how bad the injuries were, but both women were backboarded by the TD Garden medical staff. It was hard to tell from my vantage point how serious the injuries were; they both walked over to the seats to be attended by the EMTs, but both looked shaky. Thoughts are with them -- here's hoping they're both okay.

Tweet of the Night:

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" lang="en"><p>Rask on team&#39;s defensive game tonight: "Today was one of the best in a long time.&quot;</p>&mdash; Joe McDonald (@ESPNJoeyMac) <a href="">March 7, 2014</a></blockquote>

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