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Ryan Spooner has been recalled from Providence. Who's hurt?

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Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

That doesn't seem promising. On the one hand, good for Spooner; he'll travel with the team to Detroit and probably stick around for the game against Toronto the following night. He'll join the team for practice today.

The recall begs the question: who's hurt? You can't emergency recall someone just to give a player a rest for a game or two, usually there has to be an actual reason for the emergency recall. Will he be playing center or just wing?

Spooner has 10 goals and 30 assists in 42 games for Providence so far this year, and had 11 assists in 22 games for Boston earlier this year. Awesome to see him getting another look, whatever the circumstances.

Also this definitely is not an April Fool's joke, as far as anyone can tell.