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Thursday Morning Skate: Clinching

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Kevin C. Cox

Good morning, folks. Tonight, the Bruins take on the Winnipeg Jets (I'd call them the Thrashers but I have too much respect for the sunbelt) in what might be one of Evander Kane's last games with the team. Wouldn't that be a delight?

Last night, Nathan Horton joined Scottie Upshall in scoring a point in a game he didn't play in. Heh. So glad that Peverley is doing well. The Defending Big D fundraiser in his honor was a smashing success! If you made a pledge, you've probably got an email from the lovely folks over there about how much you owe. I paid up my pledge, and the total raised is going to buy an AED (a device like the one that saved Peverley's life) for a spot where active youth play. I don't know if that means a rink specifically, but either way it's cool.

IGP season 3 is in the bag and hooo boy did I fuck it up last season.

Re: the title: The east is all locked up and the west is almost there with the exception of Phoenix or Dallas. Dallas are in the driver's seat there. Now we get to matchup-watch and play schedule-maker for 4-5 days.

What's on tap, y'all?