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Friday Morning Skate: Charity Points

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Marianne Helm

This is late. Sorry. Anyways, our intrepid contributor lilybraden is running the One Run for Boston and is trying to raise some money for that. It's a great cause. If you haven't already, give here:

I have it on good authority that giving $25 (or more!) will get you a batch of Top Shelf Cookies, which are magically delicious. So give for a good cause, give to help lilybraden run, and give so you get some badass cookies.

What's on tap, y'all?

Here's your President's trophy update: Bruins magic number is 2 going into the weekend. Buffalo is the biggest trap since Akbar, but a win would clinch it. The magic number would be one, but the Ducks need 2 Ws to achieve 116 points so we can assume that they'd end with more than 50 ROWs in that case. Anyways, here's the table:

Team GP W L OTL PTS ROW Pot Max Bos Ana Fri Sat Sun
Boston 80 53 18 9 115 50 4 119 -- 1 -- BUF @NJD
Anaheim 80 52 20 8 112 50 4 116 7 -- -- @LAK COL