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Chowder Staff Predict the First Round

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We decided we'd put together staff predictions for the first round of the playoffs, and since those start tonight we've gotta publish them before the games begin. Without further ado, here are the Stanley Cup of Chowder staff predictions! I used a google doc for this, so without further ado... Staff Predicitions!

Pittsburgh Penguins vs Columbus Blue Jackets: 60% Columbus

Jackets in 5. Teams always win when Horton is laid up.

- TomServo42

Tampa Bay Lightning vs Montreal Canadiens: 70% Tampa

Lightning in 7, because Steven Stamkos rules and I think Bishop will come back and be solid.

- BruinsHockeyNowDan

New York Rangers vs Philadelphia Flyers: 80% New York

Rangers vs. Flyers - Rangers in 6. Have you seen the Flyers try to defense?

- TomServo42

Colorado Avalanche vs. Minnesota Wild: 50/50 Split

Wild in 6. I don't need reasons, fuck you.

- TomServo42

St. Louis Blues vs. Chicago Blackhawks: 50/50 Split

Blues in 6, because I've had just about enough of Chicago.

- BruinsHockeyNowDan

Anaheim Ducks vs Dallas Stars: 80% Dallas

Dallas in 7, because the Ducks have been a paper tiger all season and TIM THOMAS.

- BruinsHockeyNowDan

San Jose Sharks vs. Los Angeles Kings: 70% San Jose

Sharks in 7, because of Brent Burns

- Cornelius Hardenbergh

And there you have it. All 7 of the playoff series, accounted for. Oh right! There's one more. I assume you're all waiting for that one, considering it's importance. Yes, yes, well here's the deal:

We all picked Boston in 5, 6, or 7

Okay, actually...not all of us. Some people were a little iffy about predicting Bruins series, which I totally respect. But nobody picked the Boring Old Red Wings. Which is a bonus.