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Game 1 Recap: Bruins fall to Red Wings 1-0, will rise again on Easter

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Jared Wickerham

I wholeheartedly agree that there's no better time of year than spring time and the Stanley Cup playoffs. There's no better way to spend my time than sitting on the back patio of a shit dive bar downtown somewhere drinking a beer and watching two teams I hate tear each other apart on their quest to hoist the Stanley Cup. I've made some good memories doing exactly that.

But somehow every single year I forget what it's like to experience the playoffs with a horse in the race. It's exhausting. Physically and mentally exhausting. You spend hours each night watching your team with your guts in your throat, and your chest is so tight you think you might actually implode. You develop odd nervous ticks that you can't explain (my right eye twitched incessantly through the 2011 Stanley Cup finals). You get angry. You get irrational. You lose sleep. You live and die by each zone entry, each shot, each turnover. A single goal can ignite an entire building. Can deflate an entire building.

It's the fucking best.

Unfortunately tonight's game was decidedly unfun. I didn't like it very much at all.

The Good

  • Tuukka Rask. We are not worthy.

  • The penalty kill was 2-2 without Dan Paille or Chris Kelly.
The Bad
  • The Bruins were so close--SO CLOSE--on so many occasions and they just couldn't score. Perhaps most heartbreaking is how close they were to scoring SECONDS before Datsyuk's goal at the other hand.
  • Ugh.

The Ugly
  • Milan Lucic speared Danny Dekeyser in the penis and my twitter timeline may never recover.
  • Chara's board on Brendan Smith. Oy.
  • The second period was an actual garbage fire that I would like to forget about. Puck mismanagement, sloppy play, very rare sustained offensive zone time. Tough to watch.
  • Ugh, just... Datsyuk, man. (UGLY GOOD?)

On to the next one, ladies and gentlemen.