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Monday Morning Skate: Patriot's Day. Good Luck, Runners!

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Good morning and a happy Marathon Monday to you all. If you're running and see this, post your bib up in the comments so we can follow along. Either way, good luck and have fun out here.

As for the hockey, it was great to see the Bruins play their game last night, what with the scoring and so forth. Good stuff.

People who play against Montreal keep getting hurt. And that no goal last night was classic.

Anyways, today's games:

Time Home Away Series Networks
7:00pm Minnesota Wild Colorado Avalanche 0-2 NHLNetwork
7:00pm Columbus Blue Jackets Pittsburgh Penguins 1-1 NBCSN
8:30pm Chicago Blackhawks St. Louis Blues 0-2 CNBC
9:30pm Dallas Stars Anaheim Ducks 0-2 NBCSN

Bruins play tomorrow at 7:30pm in Detroit.