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"Perfect" Patrice Bergeron, two other guys officially named Selke finalists

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"tough competition" is relative I guess
"tough competition" is relative I guess

We all saw this one coming.

Patrice Bergeron has been nominated for the Frank J. Selke trophy, the award that goes annually to the league's best defensive forward. This is the third year he's been nominated, and will probably be his second win (he won it for the first time in 2011-2012, and lost out to a completely undeserving Jonathan Toews last year).

Because really, Jonathan Toews is good, and Anze Kopitar is better, but neither of them come close to being as all-around excellent as Bergeron.

Bergeron went 1,015 for 1,732 on faceoffs this year (1,015 wins being the most of any player in the NHL this year.) He was consistently deployed against the toughest competition on other teams, and was a major contributor to the penalty kill that finished eighth-best in the league.

Offensively, Bergeron finished the season tied in first for goals, second in points, and third in assists, nd

This award is voted on by the PHWA. You're off to Vegas, Bergeron!