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Friday Morning Skate: Teach Me How To Iggy

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Gregory Shamus

Jarome Arthur-Leigh Adekunle Tig Junior Elvis Iginla from Dougie Hamilton. Goals from local boy Torey Krug and villain Milan Lucic. Beautiful.

3-1 is a lot nicer-looking than 2-2, I tell you what. Bruins can close out at home and that would be a-okay by me.

Congrats to the Minnesota Wild for tying up the series and the Los Angeles Kings for not getting swept!

Today's games:

Time Home Away Series Network
7:00pm Philadelphia Flyers New York Rangers 1-2 CNBC
8:00pm St. Louis Blues Chicago Blackhawks 2-2 NBCSN
10:30pm Anaheim Ducks Dallas Stars 2-2 NBCSN

Looks like a pretty good night for hockey.