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Fresh Links: Norris, Of Course Edition

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O Captain, my Captain! Zdeno Chara leads not only the Bruins, but the NHL.

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Happiness is a first round win in under seven games
Happiness is a first round win in under seven games
Jared Wickerham

The Bruins dispatched the Red Wings to move into the Eastern Conference Semi-Final round.

  • For the first time in what seems like an eternity, the Bruins didn't need a seventh game, OT nail-biter win and also found a working power play. [TheBostonGlobe]
  • Milan Lucic set the tone, tapping his game up to the next level, playing without overthinking, and leading his team in the series with three goals. [TheProvidenceJournal]
  • Brad Marchand didn't dwell on missed chances. There were updates on the injury front as well. [SouthCoastToday]
  • These were the five nails driven into the Red Wings ' postseason hopes. [NHL]
  •  The young Red Wings' lesson in playoff hockey,  a brief history with the Habs in the playoffs, how the Bruins will soon have to pony up, and WAIT: Marc Savard retired? [TheBostonGlobe]
  • A group of rookie Bruins defensemen have passed the test. [BostonHerald]
  • Zdeno Chara has been named a Norris Trophy finalist. [TSN]
  • Perfect Patrice Bergeron admits in his diary that he had been battling the flu, he tactfully does not recall anything that might be useful against former Sochi teammate Carey Price, and the worst beard in the room is NOT Tuukka Rask's. [ESPN]
  • Since 1929... Looking ahead to the Habs- a clash of styles, of wills, and damned good hockey. [SeacoastOnline]
  • Beware, Habs, these Bruins are not the 2011 Bruins- they've found a power play and some speed. [TheGlobeAndMail]

Elsewhere around the rink:

  • When we left off late last week... a potpourri of stories from around the NHL. [Grantland]
  • The Ducks mounted a comeback to eliminate the Stars in Game 6. [TheScore]
  • Here's a medieval heraldry banner concept for each of the NHL teams. [CapsKat26]
  • Enjoy five great feel-good stories from around the league this season. [TheHockeyNews]
  • Have a heaping helping of Elliotte Friedman's Thirty Thoughts. [CBCSports]
  • A much anticipated Bruins / Blues matchup will not happen.  What will happen to the team many picked as the Stanley Cup favorite now that their season is suddenly over? [Grantland]
  • Jersey Fouls. Lots of them. Have a look. [PuckDaddy]