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Tuesday Morning Skate: Game 7s Forced

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Jared Wickerham

Gooooood morning chowdaheads! I don't know if you were watching last night but to recap:

The Penguins are assholes and nobody likes them, as they took out Columbus.

Minnesota, led by an elite squad of Finnish and American heroes, tied up the series with Colorado. Based on how the series is going, expect Colorado to score in the last minute to send game 7 to overtime.

The LA Kings beat the Sharks, giving them a 3 game win streak and evening the series 3-3 (sharks won the first 3). We'll see how game 7 goes but see if you can convince your boss you should come in late Thursday.

Tonight we find out if there will be hockey before 9:30pm on Wednesday. Flyers v Rangers, Rangers up 3-2. We'll see what happens.

Anyways, that's a whole lot of not talking about our Bruins. Apologies. The Bruins, I'm sure, are studying and practicing and preparing for Montreal. For those of you not banned on HEOTP, they're running a "worst bruin of all time" bracket.

Anyhow, what's on tap y'all?