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Non-Bruins Playoff Games Public Skate: One and Done Tonight

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Only one game is on the docket tonight, as the Philadelphia Flyers try to force a Game Seven match back in New York with the Rangers.

Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

This has been one hell of a first round already, hasn't it? Even though they ended up losing, the Columbus Blue Jackets stood up tall and made everyone take notice of them. And that Sharks-Kings game last night was IN-SANE. I actually will dare to say I think the Kings have the Sharks where they want them to win it all in Game Seven. Tonight, we'll get to see whether yet ANOTHER team forces a Game Seven on its opponent; this time, it's the Philadelphia Flyers trying to accomplish that feat against the New York Rangers.

It feels weird this is the only game on tonight, doesn't it? This can only mean we''re nearing the end of the first round, folks. From here on, the road to the Stanley Cup will only get bumpier.

In any case, welcome! Glad you're here