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Cup of Chowder's PHBA Picks and how the Bruins fared

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Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

We as a staff were invited to vote in the inaugural Professional Hockey Bloggers Association Awards! Hooray!

You can see the complete results here. While we as a blog only got one vote, seven of us actually voted within the blog to settle on our final awardees. The following is a breakdown of PHBA winners vs. our actual votes. Bruins players are bolded so as to maximally highlight any homerism.

Hart Trophy:

Rank PHBA Pick Our Pick
Winner Sidney Crosby Sidney Crosby
2 Ryan Getzlaf Patrice Bergeron
3 Claude Giroux Tyler Seguin
4 Semyon Varlamov Claude Giroux
5 Tyler Seguin Ryan Getzlaf

Sidney Crosby blew this one out of the water. It wasn't even close. Among the SCoC voters, Crosby garnered five first place and two second place votes. (Those other two first place votes: one went to Patrice Bergeron, one to Tyler Seguin.)

Lady Byng Trophy

Rank PHBA Pick Our Pick
Winner Ryan O'Reilly Ryan O'Reilly
2 Tyler Seguin Martin St. Louis
3 Martin St. Louis Tyler Seguin
4 Marcus Johansson Loui Eriksson
5 Frans Neilsen Frans Neilsen

Pretty on-the-money for the chowder staff - again, ROR blew the voting on this one away, with 573 points to second-place Seguin's 173. We at Chowder couldn't help sneaking Loui Eriksson in at fourth

Vezina Trophy

Rank PHBA Pick Our Pick
Winner Tuukka Rask Tuukka Rask
2 Semyon Varlamov Semyon Varlamov
3 Ben Bishop Ben Bishop
4 Carey Price Carey Price
5 Sergei Bobrovsky Jonathan Bernier

While in the overall PHBA voting Rask won by 150 points, within Chowdah it was a landslide - he took six first-place votes out of a possible seven. We definitely overlooked Bobrovsky - he only earned a single fifth-place vote. Everything else lines up pretty nicely.

Selke Trophy

Rank PHBA Pick Our Pick
Winner Patrice Bergeron Patrice Bergeron
2 Anze Kopitar Anze Kopitar
3 Jonathan Toews David Backes
4 David Backes Justin Williams
5 David Krejci Jonathan Toews

GASP. The PHBA likes David "killah" "the matrix" "thug life" Krejci more than we do? He received exactly zero votes in the Chowder Staff breakdown, while coming fifth in PHBA voting with 37 points - all from first or second place votes. I think we can pick those voters out as people who employ +/- as a legitimate stat?

Calder Trophy

Rank PHBA Pick Our Pick
Winner Nathan MacKinnon Nathan Mackinnon
2 Ondrej Palat Torey Krug
3 Tyler Johnson Ondrej Palat
4 Torey Krug Tyler Johnson
5 Olli Maatta Olli Maatta

Motley Krug didn't stand a chance. We tried. Nathan Mackinnon is just too good.

Norris Trophy

Rank PHBA Pick Our Pick
Winner Duncan Keith Zdeno Chara
2 Zdeno Chara Mark Giordano
3 Shea Weber Duncan Keith
4 Alex Pietrangelo Ryan Suter
5 Erik Karlsson Shea Weber

Definitely don't agree with the PHBA on this one, but that's okay. Keith won by 95 points in PHBA voting, and received 6/7 first-place votes within Chowder staff.

Adams Trophy

Rank PHBA Pick Our Pick
Winner Patrick Roy Jon Cooper
2 Mike Babcock Patrick Roy
3 Jon Cooper Claude Julien
4 Claude Julien Mike Babcock
5 Bruce Boudreau Bruce Boudreau

Again, all pretty reasonable, our votes mostly line up.

Outside the top five, a few Bruins received nominations within the PHBA. Johnny Boychuk got one third-place vote for Norris (shockingly, not from us or Days of Y'Orr, the other Bruins site picking votes here - but rather from St. Louis Game TIme?) Patrice Bergeron (71pts) came sixth overall in Hart voting, while Tuukka Rask also picked up two 2nd place and a 5th place votes for Hart - and Zdeno Chara got two fourth-place votes. Zdeno Chara also got one second-place vote for Lady Byng from Anaheim Calling. You go, Anaheim Calling.

Brad Marchand got a third and two fifth place votes for Selke - the fifths from Bonk's Mullet and Dark Blue Jacket, while the third came from Islanders Point Blank.

So where would you have voted?