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Non-Bruins Public Skate: Game 7, Cubed

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After tonight, it's Conference Semifinals time! Woo!

Go Nords!
Go Nords!

Hello, Chowder!

Tonight, we have three game 7s on tap:

Claude Giroux and the Broad Street Ginger Force will take on the New York Handsome Henrik Lundqvists at Madison Square Garden (7:00pm), Vezina finalist Semyon Varlamov and the Quebec Nordiques Colorado Avalanche will try to beat the Minnesota North Stars Wild at 9:30pm, and the San Jose Sharks will likely choke as usual be host to Dustin "I can count to potato!" Brown and the Los Angeles Kings at 10:00pm.

Who's your money on?

Who'll be tonight's heroes?

Who'll make the media stop talking about The Great 2010 Eastern Conference Semifinals Collapse, even if only briefly?

History will be made.