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Thursday Morning Skate: Down to business

Doug Pensinger

Gooood morning chowdaheads and visiting Cyclopses (or however you say that in Québécoise) and boy is it ever a beautiful morning.

Well, aside from the rain Montreal brought with them. Probably just another Habs plot. I say we run Thornton out there to show that cloud what-for! Lunchpails!

Last night, Mike Richards got fucking lucky again (and Vlasic played the part of Krejci) and the sharks were beaten in 7 after being up 3-0. Don't worry, sharks fans - its all better when you win it all next year. Well, as long as you don't take Milbury's advice to blow it up.

MinNINOsota also woNINO last night, for their first playoff round win since beating Vancouver in 2003. And lastly, the Rangers have been selected to dissect the Penguins.

It was all a very exciting night but now its the second round and Montreal is in town already for tonight's game. Should be a good one. Remember: Hockey first, then bullshit. Its a pants-then-shoes sort of thing, you know?

Anyhow, what's on tap?