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Bruins vs. Canadiens Game 6 Recap: Hahaha, like you expected a win.

Francois Laplante/FreestylePhoto

Here's this thing, whatever

The Bruins dropped game 6 - as they have done for pretty much every series since beating Buffalo in 2010 - and it was an ugly one. 4-0 to the Canadiens. Max Pacioretty scored. Kevan Miller was on the ice for all of the first three goals.

There are no gifs of goals because there were no goals HAHAHAHA jokes. So here is a collection of gifs that sums up how we all felt all night tonight:

Instead of writing about how bad that game was - because hahaha oh man was it ever bad, but no one expects the Bruins to win a game six let's be honest, here is a brief ice cream review. Definitely try out JP Licks' "Negative Chip" that they're featuring this month. it's chocolate ice cream and white chocolate chips. Tasty as fuck. Avoid the chocolate chip cheesecake, it's subpar. GAME 7 WEDNESDAY.