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Now What? The Boston Red Sox

with Over The Monster's Brendan O'Toole


We're all trying to get over it and figure out what to do. We reached out to bloggers whose seasons are still going and see what's up with their team and how to get into it. Representing Over The Monster is Brendan O'Toole, who is not only a weekend writer but also a beer and history geek.

So, Brendan, How 'bout them Sox?

They're back at .500! Party! Seriously, though, they're right in the thick of a close AL East race, and have a solid chance of breaking away as the summer heats up. Tampa's down a top starter, New York just lost CC Sabathia for a long while, and Baltimore and Toronto are still Baltimore and Toronto.

Meanwhile, Jon Lester is pitching out of his mind (2.75 ERA, 66 K in 55+ innings), Dustin Pedroia is doing Dustin Pedroia things, and David Ortiz just spent three days beating Minnesota to death in a Liam Neeson-like vengeful fury. If you're into milestones, Papi just passed Jim Rice to take third all-time in HR as a Boston player.
Xander Bogaerts's defense is improving, he already has the patience and plate discipline of a ten-year veteran, and he's barely old enough to buy a beer. Jackie Bradley Jr. is playing center field with astounding skill. Koji is still Koji, and the rest of the bullpen ain't bad.

Thinking even further ahead, there's a half-dozen guys in Pawtucket who could probably start in the majors for a lot of teams. Henry Owens is flashing great stuff up in Portland, and his teammate Mookie Betts has gotten on base in 70(!) straight games.

There's 122 games of Red Sox baseball ahead, and the team has talent, promise, and payroll flexibility. Also, they just won their third World Series in a decade. Really the only problem is that there's no longer a Montreal MLB club for them to beat up a bit. Tampa's a solid substitute, though, if you're looking for someone to hate until the first puck drops in the fall.

Thanks again, Brendan! Be sure to check out more on Over The Monster.