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REPORT: Bruins Assistant GM Jim Benning to Vancouver

This is the only picture he's in and he's barely in it
This is the only picture he's in and he's barely in it
Alex Wong

Jim Benning has been assistant GM for the Bruins since July of 2007. Per Darren Dreger, he's about to take over as Vancouver Canucks General Manager, which means he gets to hire John Tortorella's replacement. Here's the tweet:

This is not Benning's first stint with the Canucks: He played 241 games for them from 1986 to 1990, scoring 15 goals. He will be tasked with rebuilding the team after they've gone and traded damn near everyone not named "Sedin."

Of note is that Jim Benning's nephew, Matthew Benning, is a current Bruins prospect playing at Northeastern. Per our prospects expert Sean Hathaway, Matthew has taken great strides this year and worked his way up to being Northeastern's best defensemen. Sean also notes that Northeastern "was basically Toronto last year." I wonder what we'll get in return for his nephew in the inevitable trade.