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Game Two: Los Angeles vs. Chicago Public Skate

Looks like another night of late-night hockey coming up!

Heh heh! Fire!
Heh heh! Fire!
Bruce Bennett

Last night felt pretty weird, huh? What did you all get up to? I had a very educational evening. I learned the word for arsonist in French is pyromane.  You'll have another chance to organize your sock drawer or figure out how to use le petit pyromane in a sentence on Friday, seeing as there won't be hockey on that night, either. Or you know, you could go out or something.

Anyway: Game Two of the Chicago Blackhawks- Los Angeles Kings series starts at 8 p.m. for you guys over there, so make sure to fire up your coffee pots if you're gonna stay up with me to see the entire game. (I won't hold it against you if you don't.)

I'll be by to join you all later, so make yourself comfy in the meantime.