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Game Three: Canadiens vs. Rangers Public Skate

Jonathan Daniel

Did you see last night's game? Wasn't that amazing? For those who haven't heard and just stepped out of their bunker, Jeff Carter the Los Angeles Kings handily put away the Chicago Blackhawks by scoring six unanswered goals, three of which came from Carter alone, and FIVE of which came in just the third period. Think about it: they were down 2-1 at the end of the second period, losing to the Blackhawks, had 20 minutes to see if they could score at least one more goal, if not two, and they score FIVE. And they did it at the United Center! Wow.

Tonight, starting at 8 p.m., we get to see if the New York Rangers can find a new way to humiliate the Montreal Canadiens. I really don't expect the Canadiens to be collectively thinking "Egh, whatever," to this game, as their playoff lives depend on it, but the Rangers are looking good, playing on home ice, and Henrik Lundqvist seems to have taken his goaltending skills to a higher plane. Of course, the sHabs know how to throw teams off their game, and they'll really need to do it tonight. Otherwise, they'll be down 3 games to none with one more in Madison Square Garden, and will then have to win four straight to advance to the Final. I don't think the Forum Ghosts of the Bell Centre can even help them with that.

I am pretty excited to watch this game. Tomorrow is Friday, Memorial Day weekend is upon us, so stay up with me to see if the Rangers can put a chokehold on Montreal's chances to advance to the Final.