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Game Four Public Skate: Blackhawks Vs. Kings

Patrice Bergeron and P.K. Subban are the finalists for the NHL15 Cover Vote. Let's get Bergy on there!

Bruce Bennett

How good are you guys at multi-tasking? Can you follow the Chicago Blackhawks-Los Angeles Kings game, comment in this post, and also place a vote for Bergy to be on the NHL15 cover every 20 seconds? Why don't you try? Vote early, vote often, vote during intermission, vote whenever Pierre McGuire shows up on screen.

Last night's game with the Canadiens meeting the Rangers had me all over the emotional map. So glad it ended well for New York! The L.A. Kings can also take a 3-1 lead in the series if they win tonight's game. Now, be honest: Did ANY of you have a NYR-LAK Final match-up in your bracket? I didn't think so!

Questions for this game: Who do you think will win this game? Who's getting the game winner? Who is Kelso on the Kings' That 70s Line? Is Jonathan Toews still pissed off? And finally, the most important question of tonight's game: Have you voted for Bergy yet?