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Game Five Public Skate: New York Rangers vs. Montreal Canadiens

Lying down on the job
Lying down on the job
Jeff Gross

Hello all! What can we say about this game? If the Rangers win tonight (or any other time in this series), it's bye-bye Montreal (et au revoir, mon petit pyromane). If the Canadiens win tonight, they're just delaying the inevitable, and allowing the Rangers to advance on their home ice. How thoughtful of them!

Stranger things have happened, but it looks like we might wind up with a Kings-Rangers Final, which I'm excited for, if only because I will be able to see at least two games all the way through.

Questions: Do you think the Rangers will advance tonight? How ridiculous are the Canadiens going to get during the course of the evening? Who will the Habs fans throw their trash at this time?