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Game Six Public Skate: Canadiens vs. Rangers

Can we just get this over with now, please?

Freakin' Handzus, man! HANDZUS!
Freakin' Handzus, man! HANDZUS!
David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

Well, last night's game pretty much had everything I like about playoff hockey, save for the win that would have advanced the Kings to the Stanley Cup Final. I'm expecting tonight's to be a real barn burner as well, if the refs can put away their whistles (ha ha ha), because this is a game that the Canadiens can not afford to lose, but they will be in Madison Square Garden tonight trying to accomplish that. Henrik Lundqvist should have a better evening than he did a couple nights ago, but that's not really saying much. I'm not sure what happened then, but he gets another chance to close the series out tonight, say goodnight to the Habs, and win the adoration of pretty much every hockey fan that lives outside of Montreal.

Hope you're all settled in and ready to watch the game. I, myself, can't wait to get home where there is a bottle of wine with my name on it in the fridge. You know, that's just an expression. Mulder's not stealing my food or anything like that.