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Bruins score four in third, win game 2 over Montreal 5-3

After being down 3-1, the Bruins scored four in the third to win 5-3.

Jared Wickerham

Holy moly. What a rush.

After starting off looking a lot like game one (lots of shots, nothing doing), the Bruins once again went down 3-1, this time in the second period, off two Thomas Vanek tipped goals. That guy, man. Bruins killer for life. It took until 10 minutes left in the third period for the Bruins to show new signs of life - Dougie Hamilton, Patrice Bergeron, and Reilly Smith all scored to make it 4-3. Milan Lucic returned to his empty-netter scoring ways and made it 5-3, and now it's off to Montreal with the series tied up. Considering it was looking a lot like round 1 in 2011 for the first fifty minutes...that's incredibly, incredibly excellent for this team.


  • Carey Price. There's no two ways around it, for the first fifty minutes Price was a stone wall. The Bruins had 37 shot attempts and only one goal to show for it until Dougie nailed one in the third.
  • The Bruins continue to be magic at scoring in the third period. How does this happen.
  • Daniel Paille looked great on a line with the Swedes. We now need line name nominations for this one. (related: the Montreal media guys next to me suggested "Swede and sour" for a Swedes-and-Marchand line. I chuckled. I couldn't help it.)
  • Marc Bergevin is so done with you.
  • Dougie's goal celebration game is strong.
  • tl;dr:
    • Not sure scratching Bartkowski was the best choice. Meszaros looked lost out there at times. But a win is a win, so we'll probably see that going forward, as well. Here's hoping Justin Florek gets more time as well.
    • The scrambling on a couple of those Habs goals was disastrous. The Bruins lost all semblance of good positioning, and it screwed Tuukka Rask up. That needs to not happen.
    • That bench minor in the second. All the pointless penalties. Refs are going to call these ones tight, and the Bruins need to play like they did in the third - clean and hard.

    Goal gifs:

    Yippeee Paille, woooo


    Saint Patrice we are not worthy

    REILLY SMITH! #wontheSeguintrade

    Next game: Tuesday vs. Montreal in Montreal. Hold onto your butts.