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The World Cup of Team Name Manifestation Combat: Group Stage Results

Joe Raedle

We've finished the polling for the group stage, and here are the results:

Group A Group B
A Texas Ranger 1.93 A King 2.04
A Blackhawk 2.06 A Canuck 2.17
A Columbus Blue Jacket 2.65 An Ottawa Senator 2.77
A Long Islander 3.34 A Canadien 3.05
Group C Group D
A Bruin 1.52 A Hurricane 1.57
A Sabre-Tooth Cat (Predator) 2.04 Lightning 2.26
A Panther 2.88 Flames 2.44
A Coyote 3.51 Maple Leafs 3.71
Group E Group F
An Avalanche 1.66 A Jet 1.62
A Shark 2.43 A Sabre 2.53
The Minnesota Wilderness 2.66 The Capitol Building 2.92
Oil 3.23 The Blues 2.97
Group G Group H
A RedWing 2.30 The Devil 1.30
A Duck 2.40 A Star 1.70
A Flyer 2.59
A Penguin 2.84
Top 5 Performers Bottom 5 Performers
A Bruin 1.52
Maple Leafs 3.71
A Hurricane 1.57 A Coyote 3.51
A Jet 1.62 A Long Islander 3.34
An Avalanche 1.66 Oil 3.23
A Texas Ranger 1.93 A Canadien 3.05

(Note: Group H was excluded from the "Top 5 performers" list)

Pretty interesting stuff. So now it's time for the fun part: single elimination knockout, just as Uncle Sepp and the shitbags at FIFA would want it. Only, with less killing the poor. Anyways. That matchup will be coming soon.