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SBNation Mock Draft: With the 25th Pick...

SBnation had a mock draft. We picked for the Bruins. Welcome aboard, alternate universe Nikolay Goldobin!

Nikolay at the Top Prospects game
Nikolay at the Top Prospects game

Gord: Welcome back to the SBNation Mock Draft, presented by whatever ad you had to close in order to actually see this article. I'm Gord Gordson and this is Doug Douglas and we're now onto the 25th pick in the draft. The Boston Bruins are making their way to the podium. They've got this pick because they weren't able to make it to the conference finals despite winning the president's trophy this year. Tough break for the Bruins.

Doug: That's right, Gord. Tough break. This is an interesting spot for the Bruins. There aren't any guaranteed picks left, but they still want to get something good. Last time they picked outside the conference finals picks, they took Malcolm Subban 24th. He's currently working his way up through their minor league ranks, he's just earned himself the number 1 job with their AHL team, the Providence Bruins.

Gord: Providence Bruins? Who came up with that? Some kind of super genius, I'm sure....Okay they're at the podium, let's hear what they have to say

GM Bizarro Peter Chiarelli: Hello SBNation! [cheers] Thank you all for being great hosts to us this weekend. I'd like to also congratulate the Los Angeles Kings on winning the cup this year. Don't get too used to it, though, we'll be coming for it next year. [waits for laughs that don't come] Thanks also to all the fans out there for spending all that money and such. With this year's pick, we're trying to follow that model and get bigger and stronge-

[The lights go out and a glass breaking sound clip plays on the PA. When the lights come back up, Servo is standing over Chiarelli, folding chair in hand]

Servo: [Grabs mic] That's not how we do it in America, Brother! Whatcha gonna do when corgis run wild on you? We're taking a talented Russian from the OHL! With the 25th overall pick in the 2014 SBNation Mock Draft, the Bruins will take...

[rips open shirt to reveal other shirt underneath]

Servo: Nikolay Goldobin! [books it]


Doug: The Bruins have apparently just broken with their usual plan and taken a talented Russian. From the OHL, no less! The paramedics are attending to the actual general manager, but it looks like we're strapped for time so Bettman has ruled that the pick will stand. What a scene here today. Gord, what do you think of the pick?

Gord: Goldobin put up 94 points in the OHL last year as a 17-year-old - 38 goals and 56 assists through 67 games played. He was the leading scorer on the Sarnia Sting, and accounted for 18% of their goals scored all on his own. Let's take a look at what the scouts have to say about this guy!

[up-tempo, almost-rock muzak begins to play] ranked him 29th overall:

"Goldobin has come miles since first arriving in Sarnia [at the 2012 CHL import draft] and is one of the most dangerous offensive threats in the Ontario Hockey League...he has the ability to score highlight reel goals and scores from angles that seem near impossible. He has soft hands and a laser quick release on his shot...what's most impressive about Nikolay is his passing ability. He makes high-difficulty passes look easy and has an exceptional level of vision...he is extremely creative and regularly chooses smart options with the puck. Based on pure offensive talent he is one of the most pure skilled players in the entire 2014 NHL Draft. [However], he is uninterested in physical play unless he has the puck and is capable of evading contact with skill....his defensive play is very hit or miss...his play without the puck makes him a real wildcard in this draft...his timid style around contact without the puck gives him a concerning bust factor."

From ISS Hockey, who ranks him 28th overall and compares his style to Gustav Nyquist:

"A highly talented, elite offensive weapon that oozes craftiness...finished as the second leading scorer in the OHL amongst draft eligible players...a slick and crafty winger who seemingly can slide in and out of seams and holes with smoothness and deception..lightning quick hands and wrists and executes with smoothness...he is a player that makes things look easy on the ice...defensively weak and does not involve himself physically but has the talent to win games single-handedly."

From Future Considerations, who rank him 23rd overall:

"Routinely makes defenders look silly with his quick hands and moves...has a relatively hard, accurate wrist shot that he uses to fool goaltenders....shoots from all angles in the offensive is automatic and already pro-caliber...has the talent and skill set to be a real blue-chip prospect, but when his defensive effort level is off, he seems disinterested all around and it shows in his offensive performance as well...if this kid brought it every shift he would be the top pick this season."

From Red Line Report, who rank him 18th overall (and actually project the Bruins drafting him):

"Pretty with the puck, pretty worthless without it. An exceptional puck-handler with eye-popping moves. Quick hands and lightning fast with an extra separation gear. A natural goal scorer. Spotty work ethic. Style compares to Alexander Semin."

Gord: Back to you, Doug.

Doug: It's going to take them a minute to clear this up. We're going to get a word from our sponsors while they clean up the podium and set booby traps for Montreal. Thanks for watching, we'll see you after the break!