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The World Cup of Team Name Manifestation Combat: Group of 16 Results!


The Round of 16 is over and here are your winners and the next matchups:

. Team Name Manifestation Votes Group of 8
A1 A Texas Ranger 36
B2 A Canuck 12 A Texas Ranger
C1 A Bruin 35 A Bruin
D2 Lightning 27
E1 An Avalanche 54
F2 A Sabre 7 An Avalanche
G1 A RedWing 3 A Star
H2 A Star 30
B1 A King 18
A2 A Blackhawk 33 A Blackhawk
D1 A Hurricane 32 A Hurricane
C2 A Sabre-Tooth Cat (Predator) 14
F1 A Jet 28
E2 A Shark 12 A Jet
H1 The Devil 35 The Devil
G2 A Duck 14

Quite an upset for A Bruin vs. 50,000 volts of electricity raining down from the sky. We'll see what happens next. Voting resumes tomorrow morning.