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NHL Draft 2014: Bruins select Ryan Donato 56th overall

Bruce Bennett

With the 56th overall pick, the Bruins have selected Ryan Donato from the Dexter School in Brookline. Yes, Brookline Massachusetts, and yes, that's Ted Donato's son.

The International Scouting Service had him projected to go 100th overall.

The 6 foot tall, 174 pound center is touted as a "very energetic and speedy offensive player" with "quick hands and a great release" who is weak defensively.

Donato is committed to Harvard for the 2015-2016 season.

According to

"Donato should be a lock to be the first High School player selected in this years draft. Ryan has excellent hockey sense and is one of those players who seems to have the puck on his stick a lot more often than other players on the ice. He seemingly makes some sort of play almost every single shift. He’s a smart responsible player who continues to improve. His skating is just ok. He needs to improve his foot speed to get quicker and faster. Whoever drafts Donato is going to land a highly skilled forward with great hands. He has great touch, can score and make plays, and protect the puck. NHL bloodlines won’t hurt."

SB Nation's College Hockey blog has a profile of him here.