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Fresh Links: Prospect Check Edition

There are plenty of good prospects in the Bruins' stable.

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Bruins colors at Pimlico...
Bruins colors at Pimlico...
Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

As the Bruins look ahead to next season, younger players in the development pipeline will be key.

  • Here's a progress report on the entire  Bruins' 2013 draft class, including word of the long lost Mitchell Dempsey.  [BleacherReport]
  • No to Merlot? It has been a good season for Gregory Campbell, but might the Bruins go with other options next year? [CausewayCrowd]
  • Exit, stage left (wing?) Can Brad Marchand justify a top-six slot? [Boston.CBSLocal]
  • Speaking of Marchand's struggles, let us all pray for his... deliverance... from this scoring cold spell! [Boston.CBSLocal]
  • It was inevitable. Our friends at Hockey Wilderness finally said the "t" word. [HockeyWilderness]
  • Center stage... the Bruins have a lot to choose from at the center position. [Boston.CBSLocal]
  • The Bruins will play an exhibition game against the Islanders in Bridgeport on October 3rd, ticket sales open this Friday.  [CTPost]

Elsewhere around the rink:

  • A meditation on the Western Conference Final. "The only thing better than a burgeoning dynasty, after all, is two of 'em going repeatedly after each other." [Grantland]
  • Here's a brief history of the Stanley Cup, itself- the oldest trophy in North American sports. [RTRsports]
  • The AHL Springfield (MA) Falcons have been a springboard to the NHL for both players and coaches. [MassLive]
  • Spending smart, not more, on personnel has been the key to NHL success. The Bettman has been both fortunate and skilled in imposing salary caps that leveled the ice. [BuffaloNews]
  • Speaking of which, big goalie contracts are in the spotlight during the NHL playoffs. [TheGlobeAndMail]
  • It has been a long cup drought for Canada (twenty years, but who's counting?) Let's look at it in detail, shall we? [Grantland]
  • Have a gander behind the curtain- meet the people behind the top hockey fancystats sites. [DenverPost]
  • Pierre McGuire confirms that he has spoken with the Penguins management. [@TSN1050Radio]
  • Let's play a rousing game of  "Hockey Player or Hipster?" [HuffingtonPost]
  • New England Patriot Rob Gronkowski is a good sport. And he likes to dance. []
  • NEED! A My Little Blackhawks hockeyponies sticker of Tuukka Rask going postal on his goalie stick. Only $2.80, folks! [RedBubble]