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Stanley Cup Final Game Two: Rangers vs. Kings

Mr. Game Seven arrived six games early Wednesday night.
Mr. Game Seven arrived six games early Wednesday night.
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Hello all! How's your weekend been going? Did you get up to anything exciting during the downtime? It feels like FOREVER since the last game watch thread we had, doesn't it? I tell you what, this no hockey thing kind of sucked, and it was just for TWO DAYS.

But that's all gonna change today! Even though it's a really weird-ass time to have a hockey game (four o'clock on a Saturday?) thankfully, and finally, we will get to see whether the Los Angeles Kings travel to New York with a 2-0 game lead, or if the New York Rangers can steal one back tonight and send the series back to MSG all knotted up at 1 game a piece. The Rangers had been talking about how important it was for them to win the first game, so there wouldn't be as much pressure to win a game in L.A. during Game 2. I hope they came up with a Plan B.

All right hockey friends, let's settle back and grab something to drink and get ready to watch this late afternoon matinee (can we call that a manatoon game?).

Go Kings Go!