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Tuesday Morning Skate: The Banner Yet Waves

Mario Tama

In 1861 Belgium (among others) invaded Mexico to install an emporer as state head. Of course, America was preoccupied with un-de-unification at the time so they were somewhat successful. However, in 1865, the Again United States of America joined the fray. 2 years later, Mexico wasn't an empire anymore and the Belgians (among others) turned tail and headed back to Europe or wherever countries go to when they lose.

Similarly, this year's American team has been preoccupied with a civil war of sorts (all of the German-Americans playong under Jurgen against Germany) and along the way determining the fate of a group of Africans (too much?)

Meanwhile, the Belgians have run all over their group unchecked.

You know what they say about history repeating...

Games today:

Noon: Argentina vs Switzerland

4pm: The United States of America vs Belgium

The banner yet waves. Let's do this.